News of the Book

ALL of the India paintings (so far) are now a book — Achchha! — it’s great! Fifty-four full colour A4 pages, nicely bound. Order your copy by emailing me, only a measly twelve quid including UK postage. I was going to upload a preview here but the file is too huge, so the cover will have to do.


  1. Hi saw some of your India work when you exhibited in Bradford some years ago. Thought they were brilliant.
    Would like details of how to purchase your book and also some prints.


    1. Hallo Sue, Gill Barron here, I’ve only just found this message from you — please email me gill[at] if you’d like a copy of the book, it’s £12 inc postage, more details later.


      1. Hi Just seen your reply .I do want a copy of the book and drtails of prints available how can I send the money ?


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