South of France

These gouaches, from early 2019 in the Haut Languedoc (more to come) are a sort of spoof on the mediaeval prayer-book “Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry”. These instead celebrate the everyday Heures of rather ordinary ladies. They were exhibited at Le Lezard Bleu in Vieussan for a year; here is the poster, a book cover design; and pics, below. Prints are available; email me to enquire. For more Mediterranean images see the Ipaint Archives page.

Le Soleil Se Leve — Dawn over Vieussan. The sun gets up long before I do.
La Sortie du Chien — Mme Cranach puts the dog out.
Le Mènage — The Chores — starring Fatou, le chien du village.
Midi — Lunchtime. As the twelve bells ring out, the shutters (volets) burst open and with an ear-splitting whistle Madame appears. The French for pressure cooker is cocotte minute. The Area (St. Chinian is the wine) is famous for growing oranges in winter.
Siesta. The pompoms are the plane-tree seeds. This is almost a self-portrait, specially the bunions.
Au travail! — Back to work . All a bit wobbly after lunch, and the singing gets louder.
L’Après-Midi — Before Sundown