These three new paintings (gouache) are from memory — a blessing from an elephant, a man with a fridge on his head, two cows eating a carpet in the street …. the twirly writing is Kannadda script, it says “Beware of Dogs”. The Govinda Triptych, on another page, also has an Indian theme; worth a look.

Street scene, Hampi — a.k.a Vijayanagar. The two temples — the tin one is a garage for the Juggernaut, the Gods’ tuk-tuk. The inner courtyard glimpsed through the doorway is shown on the right, just above. And another scene, bottom left below.
The Temple of Everything — truly multi-purpose. This and the two below were painted live, in the street, some years ago before the Toyota Tsunami took India over.

`Above, left: A squatter family among the ruined temples of Vijayanagar (Hampi); and right, Lifeguards at Lunchtime, Goa. Below, two more from Goa: buffalos on the common land, and a cow and calf grazing by a pond with a most desirable Goanese villa in the background. These four are acrylic on wood panel.