Finally! All of the India paintings, plus the Govinda Triptych and sundry pithy/poetical observations are now a BOOK. Achchha! See blog bit on the front page for a low-res PDF preview of the whole thing. A bit wow. Copies will soon be available to order by post, price £10 including UK postage; also prints (A3) and postcards. Email me for more details.

Street scene, Hampi — a.k.a Vijayanagar. The two temples — the tin one is a garage for the Juggernaut, the Gods’ tuk-tuk. The inner courtyard glimpsed through the doorway is shown on the right, just above. And another Hampi scene, bottom left below.
The Temple of Everything — truly multi-purpose. This and the two below were painted live, in the street, some years ago before the Toyota Tsunami took India over.

`Above, left: A squatter family among the ruined temples of Vijayanagar (Hampi); and right, Lifeguards at Lunchtime, Goa. Below, two more from Goa: buffalos on the common land, and a cow and calf grazing by a pond with a most desirable Goanese villa in the background. These four are acrylic on wood panel.

Two from Rajasthan (Puskhar). So many stories, not enough space. If you perchance happen to be pals with a gallery owner please give me a plug. It is the most astounding show ever. You ain’t seen nothing yet.