Govinda Triptych

The doors swing open and ….

Left: Krisna swallows the forest fire to save the cows. Right: Travelling in search of Sita, who has been stolen by the demon Ravanna, Krisna and his brother Balaraman camp the night on an island in the crocodile-infested Tunghabadra river at Vijayanagar, aka Hampi, where coracles are the no. 1 means of transport. Other paintings of Hampi, with its monumental boulders, can be seen on the India page.

A very miniature copy is now available as a postcard, which folds and opens just like the original.

There are, I think, nineteen cows altogether in this triptych which is about three feet square when folded up. It shows famous stories from the life of Krishna Govinda, Krishna the Cowherd. It was commissioned to hang on the milking-parlour wall at Monkton Wyld Farm, as entertainment for the farm cows. (That’s Folly and CoCo on the front). But the parlour is too dark for such detail so I painted another for them, showing Adrian’s Field where we often milk outdoors in summer:

On the left, the original Basohli painting of 1750 on which the figures on the right are based. As these are supposed to be pictures of Gods I didn’t want to just make them up.